Premier Plumbing Australia is a dynamic commercial plumbing company established to fill a gap in the market for a truly efficient and customer-focused plumbing company. The fundamental focus of Premier Plumbing Australia is to eliminate all sources of frustration for its clients. Our company promises to consistently produce work to the highest standard under the tightest of timeframes, at a competitive price. Our jobs run smoothly every time, and you can be assured to receive prompt and cooperative service from all members of our team.

Company Profile

Premier Plumbing Australia has completed a range of commercial, industrial, civil, and high-density and high-rise residential projects throughout South East Queensland and Northern NSW. Our company appeals to professional builders who appreciate the extra effort and an attitude of genuine caring and interest in their needs and concerns for their projects. This strong client-focus means we do all we can to do things right the first time and eliminate all sources of frustration for our clients.
Premier Plumbing Australia holds a strong reputation for cooperation, flexibility, honesty, and fair dealing in relation to liaising with our clients and project co-workers. We aim to deliver a consistently impressive result for our clients and achieve this through training our employees in the company's comprehensive quality assurance and project management systems. Similarly, our company undertakes ongoing meticulous financial management practices to ensure the security of our client's projects.

Quality Assurance

Premier Plumbing Australia incorporates ongoing quality assurance checks on the installation of all hydraulic works on each project to ensure we deliver the highest quality work for our clients. All company staff are comprehensively trained and continually monitored in these quality assurance procedures to ensure every piece of work is quality assured.

Company Values and Standards

  • Ownership Premier Plumbing Australia believe we are 100% responsible for our actions and outcomes. In construction, things sometimes go wrong. We won't shift responsibility or lay unwarranted blame elsewhere. If a mistake is made, we will take full responsibility, rectify the problem, and get on with the job. No arguments, no hassles, no dramas.

  • Integrity We always stay true to our word - what we promise is what we deliver. You need peace of mind that the job will be done as promised - we guarantee this.

  • Excellence We always produce work and deliver service of exceptional quality. We don't cut corners. We have our own system of quality checks in place to ensure you receive work of the highest standard.

  • Communication We strongly believe in keeping our clients informed throughout all stages of a project and creating a positive and cooperative atmosphere with our clients and all project co-workers.

  • Team work We foster a positive and rewarding team environment. As a result, staff will do whatever it takes to stay together and get the job done for you.

  • Systems At Premier Plumbing Australia we rely on systems to get things done. Our staff are trained to follow these systems carefully at all times, which guarantees you a seamless and impressive job.

  • Consistency We will be consistent in our work and service so that you can feel comfortable in dealing with us always

Premier Plumbing Australia promises to do the job right the first time, every time